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Business Informatics

The dual degree programme: Business Informatics -Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Since the academic year of 2006/07, the Leibniz-FH has provided students with the the accredited dual degree programme ‘Business Informatics’. It is an internationally recognised academic Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree.

The distinctive feature of this programme is the regular alternation between theoretical and practical periods in two places of learning. The practical phases are completed in the partner companies and the academic teaching takes place at the Leibniz-FH. This constant variation between the two, is exercised over the entire study period of 36 months.

The Leibniz-FH aims to teach and help students understand the demands and changes which occur within the business world. In doing so, students will have the knowledge, skills and appropriate methods, enabling them to work independently and scientifically. Students also learn to take professional criticism and as such act realistically and responsibly.


The three different types of contracts (to enter):

a) Contract for working/practicing students:

Students agree on a contract with their companies (where they will carry out their practical training). This includes, for example, the purpose and the aim of the studies and the practical phases, the duties/responsibilities of the company as well as the (practicing) students. The performance, salary, working hours and amount of entitled leave must also be discussed.

b) The framework agreement

The framework agreement is concluded between the partner-company(ies) and the Leibniz School of Business. It states, for example, that the company should provide the student(s) with the knowledge, skills and professional experience necessary to achieve the objective of their studies.

c) Agreement on (the) content concerning (the) practical phase(s)

This agreement outlines the requirements and should particularly ensure that within the practical phases in the partner companies, the knowledge and skills of a ‘higher education entrance qualification’ and a challenging apprenticeship are provided!

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