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From Bachelor to Masters: Optimally prepared and direct entry possible!

Since the winter term 2012/13, the Leibniz-FH has provided a part-time master's programme. This course aims to enable the students to carry out comprehensive management responsibility within the company. The course is not only designed to teach theory but also the necessary skills in order to solve complex professional practice problems. Thus you are able to collect and process information processes in an integrated way.


  • Accredited part-time Master’s (M.A.) degree programme
  • Can be acquired within eight trimesters (2 years and 8 months). To achieve the M.A., 120 credits must be successfully obtained.
  • Classes begin in January every year.
  • Tuition fees are 375 euros per month. Additional fees will not be charged. Applying for student loan funding is possible. Financial aid from the Federal Training Assistance Act for students at secondary schools and universities in Germany is also possible. Regarding the training costs, the possibility of tax deductibility is currently being clarified.


  • Part-time study with practical integration business management (master's programme)
  • Practice- orientated learning concept through a study of cross-practice projects and the development of case studies.

Admission procedure/documents required

  • CV
  • Letter of Motivation (In English or German)
  • translated and legalized copy of your school diploma (in German)
  • translated and legalized copy of your bachelor degree diploma (In German)
  • letter of recommendation from one lecturer of the university he attended the bachelor program at (translated in English or German)
  • Language test verification certificate for English (B2 level at least)
  • Language test verification certificate for German (C1 level)

The program starts in January every year; closing date for applications is December 1 prior to the year of admission.

Course content

The course provides thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of:

  • Basic Integrated management: Theory and concept, international business framework, International Corporate Management
  • Resource-oriented management: Intelligent enterprise, networked idea management, Diversity management, demographic change/scheme, Human Resource Management/Talent Management
  • Market-based management: Customer integration, supply chain management, sales management, Integrated corporate communications
  • Value-based management: Theoretical concepts and empirical analysis, Management decisions and their effects, Enterprise value in an international context
  • Cross-functional context: IT systems, normative management, change management, project management
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