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Part-time study programme: Business Administration - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree

The part-time Business Administration Bachelor’s degree, is a practice-oriented programme that can be acquired within 12 trimesters (4 years). It is an internationally recognised academic Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. The distinctive feature of this course is the intense connection between the academic curriculum and practical experience. The course takes place during the evenings, where you will attend classes two to three times per week. Each session begins at 6pm until 9pm at the Leibniz-FH itself.

While studying at the Leibniz-FH, students are taught the necessary theoretical background together with an intensive practical relevance. This course opens up a variety of career opportunties and classes begin in September every year.

During your studies you will carry-out seminar and project work which closely relates to theory and practice. Practical reflections are also part of the course and these further connect the theory to the practice within a company.

This year’s part-time Bachelor degree programme will start again on 1st September 2013 at the Leibniz-FH.

Tuition fees are 375 Euros per month. Additional fees will not be charged. These costs can be tax deductible and funding from the Federal Training Assistance Act for students at secondary schools and universities in Germany is also possible. After successfully obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can also go on to apply for a master's degree at home or abroad.

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