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What to expect from the Leibniz-FH...

You will be supported by a team of highly-qualified and experienced staff specialised in the professional subjects that help you achieve your full potential and more!

The good relationship between teachers and students advocates and enables close monitoring of the students in their development and successful course of study.

In order to provide a positive learning environment, modern learning methods are applied. Class sizes with a maximum of 30 students also help contribute to a proactive class environment.

The personal skills of students are strengthened by communication training and project work in teams.

Students and companies have their own contact person who is responsible for all communication and representation between parties. They organise and guide students throughout the course by providing advice and support at all times.

Regular consultations between the Leibniz-FH and company representatives take place throughout the course of the dual degree programme.

Through continuous improvement of spatial facilities, we always endeavour to expand the library and update the school’s technology.

A quality management system, in which all courses are evaluated, and thus the quality of teaching is regularly monitored.

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