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Advantages for our partner companies

The opportunity to focus directly on the needs of future specialists and executives who will have a qualified and fundamentally solid business training. A particular and strong concentration on education for all areas of the industrial value-added chain is also paramount. Moreover, companies can train and work with their own trainees and meet the challenges of demographic change.

In accordance with the students’ future professional discipline, together with smaller groups and the relevant professional supervision over the entire study period (a total of 200 hours), various courses of an industry specific nature are offered.

As the students are integrated into company both socially and work-related from the beginning, a close connection and understanding is formed. This commitment to the company is encouraged by professional in depth seminars and lectures at the Leibniz-FH. An intensive examination of the student’s company is also supported by practical project work during the practical phase.

Highly motivated and committed employees who can work independently in the company during their training period. Students are a valuable contribution to company and thereby earn back the inital investment in their studies. This cost advantage is reinforced by the close interaction between theory and practical phases at the Leibniz-FH as well as the reduced training time needed.

A good network between your own company, the Leibniz-FH as well as to other partner companies. This promotes knowledge transfer between theory and practice as well as the interaction between businesses in the region. This exchange in turn allows the Leibniz-FH to encourage the students to learn and use their theoretical and practical skills to the full through participation in company task forces, company committees and support groups.

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